About Me

Screen Name: Lyn
Pronouns: She/Her
I am an artist, mixed person of color, and in the LG[B]T community.


Cartoons/Anime/MoviesAnimation/Multi-Animator-Projects(ex: animation memes, warrior cats M.A.P.s, AMVs, ect.)
Videogames/Game developmentSpace/Phyisics/Theoretical Phyisics(ex: non-euclidean geometry simulations, 48 polyhedra, the 10 dimensions, ect.)
Existentialism & Ethics conversations(ex: human rights, solipsism, Antinatalism, ect.)
Paleontology/Paleo-Art & Speculative BiologyFurry & Original Character Creation


My commissions are being reworked.

I may open up for temporary commissions (like icons) on twitter & instagram so check there just in case.